Articles and Other Writing

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For SLIS Connecting Journal
Following Hurricane Katrina, Andrea was moved to write about her local library and its struggle to persevere and remain a functioning and useful resource for residents throughout the rebuilding of the area.

Hancock County Public Library System: History and Hurricane

For Gulf Coast Parents & Kids Magazine
Andrea has written many articles for GCPK Magazine.  Here are a few.

A Mother's Magic

Build a Reading Bridge

Summer Reading: Avoid the Summer Brain Drain

We Don't Do Sports, We Do Geek

Music, Art, and Practicality (MAP) for Dramatic Fun

My NEW column with P&K Magazine, MomSpace!

MomSpace article-- ​Great Expectations​​​

For Mississippi Libraries
When Andrea was a branch manager of the Pearlington Public Library, she wrote about her collaboration with the school librarian in Mississippi's first ever joint public and school library.

Art and Books: A School and Public Library Joint Venture, "Color the World with Books," pp. 78-79