Figurative Language

Figurative language is a way to make writing more interesting to readers.  It also makes writing more effective, impactful, and even more persuasive.

There are many types of figurative language.  One type is the pun. A pun is a funny way to use words that have more than one meaning. I Mustache You to Read with Me uses many puns as part of the story.

Use this book to get your students excited about puns!

Another type of figurative language used in this book is alliteration. 

Alliteration is a sound device in writing.  It uses the first sound or consonant in a word and repeated in other words in the same sentence.

In I Mustache You to Read with Me:

Henry pilfered the pantry.  He created and crafted . . .

Ask your students:

Can you find other examples of alliteration in the story?

Can you make up your own sentences using alliteration?